The Kumate is a one-man long-form improvised Kung-Fu Theatre. Stemming from one suggestion, I begin with a martial arts exhibition, displaying actual techniques to the audience. Organically, through the pure movement of the hands, feet, and body position I slowly transition into an actual location and character, using the same movements, now in practical application within this new reality. From there, I try to create honest characters and situations displaying honest emotions. I also try to superimpose a sense of fantasy, allowing myself the freedom to play with classic Kung-Fu “superpower”, much like Crouching Tiger. I salivate at the chance to make the impossible possible. Being that this is a one-man show, I obviously play all the characters. I also create all the sound effects naturally. I feel that this gives each movement that much more pop and lends to the style. I cap both ends of the performance with the ancient sounds of the pan flute. It truly sets the mood and instantly grasps the attention of the audience.